Blaze Bell

Speaker. Singer. Healer.

At any point in your life,
you have the power
to pick up the pen and
rewrite your story.


Hi, i'm blaze

I am Free, Courageous, and I know how to return to Joy.

But, I wasn't always this way.

For years, I stayed trapped in my pain, which led to addiction and self-destruction. I was a prisoner chained to my past. I had a in the present, or die in the past. I chose to live. I was determined to not be a victim anymore! I have transitioned from fear to love, from chaos to calm, from pieces to peaceful.

I can show you how to choose these things as well. Do you have a desire to find your joy, receive your peace, and live a life worthy of you?

Now it is your time! You are done just existing. You are ready to reach the next level.


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