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It's time to heal and rise up.

At any point in your life,
you have the power
to pick up the pen and
rewrite your story.



I am Free, Courageous, and I know how to return to Joy.

But, I wasn't always this way.

For years, I stayed trapped in my pain, which led to addiction and self-destruction. I was a prisoner chained to my past. I had a in the present, or die in the past. I chose to live. I was determined to not be a victim anymore! I have transitioned from fear to love, from chaos to calm, from pieces to peaceful.

I can show you how to choose these things as well. Do you have a desire to find your joy, receive your peace, and live a life worthy of you?

Now it is your time! You are done just existing. You are ready to reach the next level.

Tan and Grey Minimalism DIY Influencer F


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"Blaze Bell has been appointed to the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault as well as the Alaska Criminal Justice Commission."

- State of Alaska, Governor's Office 2022

“This is really a full-circle moment for me as a survivor, and I’m incredibly grateful that you are all coming together to help other sexual assault survivors,” Blaze Bell said. '21

“It brings me great hope to see that we are getting new trauma informed actions that are being put into place that will put victim rights at the forefront,” Blaze Bell said during the press conference. '22

“I basically did the opposite of all my first ideas. Clearly my brain was not working right. I needed to rewire it. I needed to get very uncomfortable in order to change. And I was finally willing to.” -Blaze Bell, Pulse Magazine

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