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Vitality Vixens

A holistic wellness community

I became a certified Holistic Health Coach in 2016 through the Integrative Institute of Nutrition. I absolutely LOVE supporting people through their health journeys. 

Healing is about so much more than just a number on the scale. Our thoughts, beliefs, old patterns, and generational habits are a few of the things that affect our physical health. 

When you sign up as my customer, you receive much more than just a weight loss or anti-aging product - you receive healing support, encouragement, tools, and gifts! It's an honor to be a part of your journey to wellness!

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Weight Loss

This lean body system is super simple to take and offers amazing results.


You take Trim 1 tbsp once a day in the morning with or without food. Trim burns fat and keeps fat cells from reforming.


The burn capsules are 3x a day 1 capsule with each meal or snack to burn fat and boost metabolism.


Lastly our Detox drink Activate is for 3 consecutive nights once a month to eliminate toxins and boost fat loss. Not a poop cleanse. 

Trim comes in chocolate, mango, vanilla, coconut lime, and lemon.



Liquid Collagen!

This is our Award winning patented collagen.

It comes in 4 types/flavors.

Life - promotes healthy aging, active joints, and younger looking skin

Skin - reduces wrinkles, decreases dryness, improves skin hydration, and increases collagen in skin.

Pure - sugar free version of Life

Sport - promotes healthy tendons, joints, muscles, and ligaments, as well as promotes muscle recovery and reduces joint discomfort.

Find under collagen sciences tab


Gut Health

Our gut is our second brain and the health of our gut effects our entire system! This is a 1 of a kind beadlet delivery system of Pre/Pro/Post-Biotics. It is not your every day pre or probiotic. Took years to create and is backed by scientific studies.

● Support your Unique MicroBiome

● Immune function

● overall well being & energy

● Gastrotestinal health

● Gut barrier integrity

●micronutrient synthesis

●microbiome diversity

●brain & cognitive health

●helps maintain regularity

●alleviates occasional constipation

No refrigeration, no pills! Just Beadlets and it also doesn't have a much of a taste. Gluten free and Vegan!

 Contact me if you have ANY questions about these products, my personal experience, and special monthly sales.
I'd love to chat!

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